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Please note: this is a kit. Images of finished speakers are for example only.

Prepare to be blown away...

Packing a sound punch in pocket size, the M4S is an incredible improvement on a popular favourite. As with all our new kits, the M4S has been re-vamped and overhauled. We engaged one of the most respected loudspeaker designers in the industry, which means you can now enjoy high end performance at very affordable prices. Check out the StereoNET review of the M4S kit here. The M4S is also the perfect tonal and efficiency match for our C4S when used in a surround sound setup (see the overlaid graph in the specifications). 

We also offer a more complete package to really get you started. Check out the 
M4S bundle which includes a Dayton DTA-120 amp, speaker cable and RCA cable.

What's different about the Mk2 version of M4S?

We've started with the existing box and shifted the port away from the tweeter to provide a smoother top end. The new drivers and crossover are the secret to a major step up in sound. This is a dramatic improvement. The previous drivers were very low cost and being built to a price, the crossover consisted of a cap to protect the tweeter and a resistor to pad down its level to match the mid. This is the minimum crossover to make as listenable speaker, but a more substantial crossover will nearly always improve the sound.

What needed to change?

We faced a dilemma with the M4. It was the biggest seller and a big part of this was the low asking price. Do we keep it the same and not mess with success? Or do we increase the cost and push up the performance? The existing M4 had some cone breakup that wasn't resolved in the crossover. All mids, especially budget ones, exhibit this problem when the cone no longer operates as a perfect piston, and you can see a peak in the frequency response. The original M4 ignored this issue and the result is a forwardness in the sound. This issue was unique to the M4 and reflects budget restraints rather than bad design. We decided in the Mk2 version we weren't happy to leave the issue unresolved. The new crossover is more substantial and results in a dramatically improved midrange performance.

LSK drivers

M4S now features LSK branded drivers. The drivers we use have performance that matches or exceeds most of the DIY favourites, but we have them made for our kits in large quantities. This means we are able to use better drivers for a given price point, than if we were to use the drivers that DIYers expect in kits. In an entry level kit like M4S, the result is a dramatic improvement.

If you're an M4 owner, now is a great time to try the new version. Even if you don't consider yourself a serious audiophile, you'll hear the improvement right away.

The applications the M4S best suits are:

  • Matching speakers in home cinema 5.1 or 7.1 application
  • Effects (rear) speakers in larger home cinema systems
  • Bookshelf speakers for bedroom/office
  • 2 channel PC Audio applications
  • 4 channel PC Audio applications


Included in the M4S speaker kit:

  • 2 x LSK 4½”  Woofers
  • 2 x 2 LSK soft dome Tweeters
  • 2 x Pre-built Crossover Networks
  • 2 x Round input Terminals
  • 12 x Panels of CNC machined MDF featuring our unique panel locking system
  • 2 x CNC machined black MDF grille frame with grille cloth
  • 34 x Self tapping Screws
  • 2 x 25mm Tuning Ports
  • 2 x Pieces of Acoustic Lining

Please view here for assembly Instructions


Please note: 

  • These are the actual measured responses, without the doctoring or smoothing which commonly occurs in the audio industry. Frequency response measurements are gated, but not smoothed. Measured at 1m distance, on tweeter axis.
  • Weights are without grills attached.
  • Suggested amplifier power ratings are nominal only. There is a wide range of factors which impact the performance and suitability of any speaker/amplifier matchup. Damage to speakers is usually caused by an underpowered amp which is clipping due to being driven too hard. Damage to speaker drivers and kit components caused by over-driving the amplifier or the speaker is not covered by warranties. In general, kits from M4 upward will suit most commonly available Home Theatre DD/DTS receivers.
 Model  M4S
 Width (mm)  145
 Height (mm)  260
 Depth (inc. grill) (mm)  180
 Assembled Weight (kg)  3
 Nominal Impedance (ohms)  8
 DC Resistance (ohms)  6.6
 Minimum Resistance (ohms)  6.6
 Power Handling (Continuous - RMS)  50W
 Power Handling (Short Term - Peak)  100W
 Sensitivity (dB) (2.83V/1m)  86
 Recommended Amplifier (RMS)  50-100W
 Bass Performance (Hz) (-3dB cutoff)  80
 Hi Frequency Extension (Hz) (-3dB cutoff)  30k
Frequency Response  65Hz (-3dB) to 20Khz, +/- 2dB
 Filter Sections  2 way
 Filter Order  1st order Butterworth
 Crossover Frequency (Hz)  2.7k
 Bi-wire Capable  No
 Woofer Diameter (nominal)  4"
 Woofer Material  Paper
 Tweeter Diameter (nominal) (mm)  22
 Tweeter Material  Textile
 Cabinet Wall Thickness (mm)  12 (back panel 18)
 Cabinet Material  MR MDF (Moisture  Resistant)







As you can see from the overlaid graph, the M4 is a perfect tonal and efficiency match with our C4S for surround sound use.

SKU m4s
Model # M4S
Brand LSK
Shipping Weight 6.8500kg
Shipping Width 0.310m
Shipping Height 0.210m
Shipping Length 0.310m
Shipping Cubic 0.020181000m3

Warranty Policy

Product Warranty 

All LSK speaker kits are covered under a 3 year warranty. Warranty coverage includes manufacturers’ defects on all components such as woofers, tweeters and crossover circuits. Damage to speakers is usually caused by an underpowered amp which is clipping due to being driven too hard. Damage to speaker drivers and kit components caused by over-driving the amplifier or the speaker is not covered by warranties*.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you purchase a kit from us and are not absolutely satisfied with the sound quality then you can return it to us within 14 days for your money back (this applies to kits only). All you pay is the freight cost back to us provided the components are in as-new condition and you have kept the original packaging. You must return the cabinets as well even if these have been partly or completely assembled.

The Box Build Warranty 

We are certain that you will find the cabinets that are supplied with our kits easy to build and of an excellent fit and finish. If, however, you are not absolutely happy with the finish you have obtained, you can return the cabinet to us and we will supply you with a replacement cabinet at a nominal price.

* Suggested amplifier power ratings in our specifications are nominal only. There is a wide range of factors which impact the performance and suitability of any speaker/amplifier matchup. In general, kits from M4 upward will suit most commonly available Home Theatre DD/DTS receivers.

Great fun, great product.

By: on 26 January 2015
My son and I made up a pair of these for his school dorm. Great fun, very well made kitset, cabinet was easy to assemble, and well made. Good to have the crossover assembled, easy, just place in box. Sounds great, got a NAD D3020 amp to power it, this combo rocks!, certainly deserves better than a 'T amp' type amplifier.

M4 Mk2 monitors: awesome

By: on 22 December 2014
So I recently ordered a 5 channel bundle, which is a combo of M4s and a C4 centre channel. One word: awesome! The sound coming from these speakers is clear, rich and very well balanced. The bass has punch and is solid, especially given that these are a smaller sized speaker, but it's the clarity in the mid and high range frequencies that blew me away. My previous HT speakers were Pioneers, which cost about the same amount as these LSK's, but I can honestly say the sound of the LSK's is about 10 times better! They are such a bargain given how good they sound! And as others have said, the customer service received from LSK is A1. Daniel went out of his way to assist and offered great advice to help me decide that these were the right speakers I was looking for. He even sent me a pair of M4's on a try before you buy arrangement. I can't recommend their products and customer service highly enough!

Excellent Value

By: on 9 October 2014
I bought one of the last sets of the original M4s, and while they sounded excellent, I felt they were a little too 'bright' and so was not quite happy with them. Not so with these new kits - the sound is really well balanced, and bass is excellent for such a small speaker. The kit itself is really well thought out, and thus very easy to assemble. I have covered mine with Tasmanian Blackwood veneer and they look fantastic. I also can't recommend this company's customer service highly enough: Daniel allowed me to exchange the mk1s for the mk2s with no questions asked, and has provided lots of helpful feedback. Shipping is fast and reliable. You can't go wrong!

LSK M4 MK2 Mini Monitor Kit

By: on 9 October 2014
Look I found this kit extremly easy to assemlble.Honestly-I have speakers that I paid over $2000 dollars in 1998 they are still great-But seem to lack something.I have tried out many speakers since 19723 Speakers like KEF ,BOSE.JBL,NATIONAL. Honestly, without a shadow of a doubt,These two little small speakers,that I assembled my self would have to be the best sound I have heard from any speaker I have listen to.Without a doubt!

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