ARA-TX TEXTREME: Open Source Kit Information

The ARA TX features the top of the line TeXtreme® midwoofer SATORI MW16TX-4 and pairs it with the TeXtreme® tweeter SATORI TW29TXN-8 for a visually and acoustically stunning match. Compared to the ARA and ARA Be the crossover topology is realised differently on the ARA TX. In the low frequency section there is only one single component directly in series with the signal path to the 6½” SATORI MW16TX-4. This series inductor is followed by a number of parallel LCR-networks to further shape the response and for break up control as well as perfect integration to the 29mm Textreme® tweeter and optimised tweeter network. The result is very open and transparent sound that is both natural and very relaxed. The bass is deep and very convincing for a stand mount speaker. The ARA’s faceted baffle is specially designed to reduce high frequency diffraction and yields superb imaging qualities. The 7° reclined cabinet ensures good time alignment resulting in sublime staging and pin point placement of instruments.

Frequency Range: 45 – 32000 Hz 
Sensitivity ( 2.83V / 1m ): 87 dB 
Nominal Impedance: 4Ω 
Max SPL: 105 dB 
Recommended Amplifier: 40 – 150 W 
Crossover Frequency: 2500 Hz 
Enclosure Type: Bass reflex 
Port tuning Frequency: 36.5 Hz 
Drives Units: SATORI TW29TXN-B-8 & 6.5inch SATORI MW16TX-4

The ARA TX is an open source kit meaning the speaker is fully developed and documented by SB Acoustics and you are free to use the plans. The cabinet design is shared with the ARA and ARA Be, only the crossover of this open source kit will need to be sourced and build as DIY.