Q: "Can you recommend which passive crossover I should use with the drivers you sell?"

Unfortunately we can't make specific recommendations when seeking to pair the drivers we sell with generic 2 or 3 way passive crossover boards.

Many customers like to use the generic crossovers we sell as a simple and low cost way to try out the drivers in our store. It should be understood that this will never provide an ideal result and that 95% of the time one of our professionally designed kits will offer much greater performance. The result of using a generic crossover will vary from good to poor. If you want high performance, then it's essential to have a custom designed crossover.

Generic crossover boards use very simple textbook high and low pass filters. If you want to have a go with a generic crossover board, you can maximise your chances of achieving a good result by following these tips:

  1. Look for a full range driver as midwoofer - you can run it without the tweeter as a fallback option

  2. An alternative is to use a widerange driver or at least a midwoofer with a very smooth response that extends well beyond the crossover point

  3. Choose a tweeter that has extended response below the crossover point as well as a smooth response

  4. Drivers should have similar sensitivity

  5. Consider experimenting with an Lpad. Simply add a 10w resistor in between the crossover board and the positive tweeter input terminal. For an 8 ohm tweeter, a 1 ohm resistor will attenuate by 1 dB, 2 ohms > 2 dB. For a 4 ohm tweeter, only 0.5 ohms is required for 1 dB of attenuation.

It's important to have realistic expectations in a project such as this. The result probably won't be your last speaker but this could be your entry point into a very rewarding speaker building hobby.


Q: "Do you have stock on item X?"

For a comprehensive response on stock availability, please see our Product Availability page. 


Q: "Do you ship internationally?"

We only ship to Australia and New Zealand. You can get an instant postage quote using our postage calculator on each product page.


Q: "How much will shipping cost?"

To save time and the trouble of asking, we've set up our store to give you an instant shipping calculation. Simply enter your post code on the product page and you will see the cost indicated right away.


Q: "How long will it take for my order to arrive?"

For a comprehensive response on stock availability, please see our Product Availability page.


Q: "Is pickup available?"

Yes. Our address is:

84-90 Parramatta Road,

Summer Hill NSW 2130

Please email or call first to arrange a time for pickup.


Q: "The drivers I ordered from you don't fit my box. Can I get a refund?"

Since most drivers are special order items, we don't typically offer refunds. It is your responsibility to ensure the driver is suitable and will fit your requirements. Please refer to our refund policy on the support page.

For all other questions and enquiries, please Contact Us.