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So I recently ordered a 5 channel bundle, which is a combo of M4s and a C4 centre channel. One word: awesome! The sound coming from these speakers is clear, rich and very well balanced. The bass has punch and is solid, especially given that these are a smaller sized speaker, but it's the clarity in the mid and high range frequencies that blew me away. My previous HT speakers were Pioneers, which cost about the same amount as these LSK's, but I can honestly say the sound of the LSK's is about 10 times better! They are such a bargain given how good they sound! And as others have said, the customer service received from LSK is A1. Daniel went out of his way to assist and offered great advice to help me decide that these were the right speakers I was looking for. He even sent me a pair of M4's on a try before you buy arrangement. I can't recommend their products and customer service highly enough!

- Rhys


I bought one of the last sets of the original M4s, and while they sounded excellent, I felt they were a little too 'bright' and so was not quite happy with them. Not so with these new kits - the sound is really well balanced, and bass is excellent for such a small speaker. The kit itself is really well thought out, and thus very easy to assemble. I have covered mine with Tasmanian Blackwood veneer and they look fantastic. I also can't recommend this company's customer service highly enough: Daniel allowed me to exchange the mk1s for the mk2s with no questions asked, and has provided lots of helpful feedback. Shipping is fast and reliable. You can't go wrong!

- Ross


Well, What can I say. The Loud Speaker Kit have done it again, their awesome service I received the first time dealing with them was absolutely superb. This second time they have outdone themselves with even more care and attention to detail. I can HIGHLY recommend dealing with them, not only is their pricing very very competitive but you have local support from very friendly staff. Thank you again for the awesome service!

- LSK Forum Member


It was a weird feeling, removing my beloved 805 diamonds with these little unfinished DIY LSK mini monitors. An international giant with heritage, and now a quaky little Aussie, thinking that it can fill its shoes. 

Of course, being 20 times cheaper, expectations were lowered. But boy, was I impressed. The midrange/ female vocal is very easy to listen to, almost seductive, transparent, and "real" like the Spendor SP2/3R2s, which I have kept for a long time (remembering how often I turn over gear...). 

To my surprise, the LSK managed to image, evenly, widely and without placing too much emphasis on a particular instrument. The speakers did disappear, which is a fine trick when I still have my arms and legs. Bass of course cannot be strong, especially compared to the 805 diamonds. But it was there. For the price, I am not complaining. 

I do have it give it to Stuart for being, well, just genuine. No pushiness or salesmanship. The "ears buys the gear" seems to be his approach... Thanks again Stuart for your service and awesome products! 

- LSK Forum Member


+1 another happy customer here. Ordered at the worst time possible (right before Xmas) and product delivered right on the dot. It's great to have such a responsive local (AU) supplier! Thank you!

- John