Customer Projects

Our customers never cease to amaze us with their creativity. We've featured some of our favourites below. If you have a DIY speaker or audio project you'd like us to share, please contact us. If you want to get started on your own speaker project, head on over to our Products or Kits pages!

"Better value with a DIY project" 

Audio enthusiast Geoff was looking for the perfect speakers for his listening room. After researching his options, he decided DIY was the most cost-effective and flexible option. Join him on his DIY journey by heading over to our DIY audio secrets blog >>

Ian's M6 speaker kit build in progress

Here's one of our recently released M6 Mk3 monitor speaker kits being built by customer Ian. He's making use of tweaks like gluing rubber damping to the insides of the panels to help absorb vibrations (not included in the kit), and also devised some creative clamping in the absence of actual clamps. We'll keep you posted as the build progresses! 


M3 kit build projects

Check out our Q&A with M3 owner David (aka VladimirFreddie on StereoNET) - it'll have you heading over to our M3 kit page to order your own!

Q: How did you find the whole process of building your own speakers from an LSK kit?
A: It was incredibly easy. I'm not the handiest of people and I didn't have a single hitch. I found the instructions clear and easy to follow and the cabinets went together without any fuss. It all went very smoothly.

Q: What did you enjoy the most about building your own speakers?
A: The sense of accomplishing something I'd always wanted to do but had always put off.

Q: How would you describe the sound quality?
A: They sound really good especially considering how inexpensive they are! Obviously due to the size of the driver and enclosure bass is limited but I find they excel at reproducing small ensemble Jazz, string quartets and female vocals in particular. After finishing them I used them for virtually a whole day as a stereo pair and found the sound clean and un-fatiguing. I was often surprised by the excellent quality of the sound coming from these tiny things!

Q: What will you be using the M3s for mainly?
A: Until I can find another use for them I'm using them as front height speakers in my surround system.

We've also included some photos of Anthony's M3 kit build (below right) project so you can see how the uniqueness of each DIYer's finish!


Custom cabinets by Darren

Our talented customer Darren has been busy with this awesome DIY speaker project. Purchasing Dayton Audio drivers from us, he paired this with 4.5khz crossovers and his own cabinet design from 17mm ply finished with laminate. Darren has tested them out on his TV system already with a NAD amp and he’s pretty happy with the sound. He plans to use these for his computer desk paired with the 2.1 amp and a sub. Here are some of his photos: