Product Availability


Product availability and shipping information

Please read through the details below for important information relating to product availability and shipping lead times. 


Items in stock

We keep a range of items in stock in our warehouse. If the item you are intending to purchase is located here then there will be no lead time shown in the availability section of the product's information page and there will also be a small green 'in stock' icon under the price. This means that shipping within Australia will take 1-7 days, depending on where the order is to be delivered. Lead times, if applicable, will also be shown when you go to the 'view cart' section. 


Dayton Audio products

We keep some Dayton Audio products in stock in our local warehouse, while we order other items directly from Dayton Audio when we receive your order. If you are ordering a Dayton Audio item with a lead time shown in the availability description on the product's information page then you need to be aware that these items are not currently located in our local warehouse and an additional shipping time of 8-14 days will be required. With Dayton Audio products not located in our local warehouse, we order each Wednesday and items arrive on our doorstep at the latest Thursday of the following week (for example, an order placed Wed 1st before 4pm, arrives latest Thursday 9th). Generally, we then dispatch the item(s) to the customer as soon as it arrives, meaning it will reach you 1-7 days later.


Order Status Explained

When you log in after placing an order, you will find that order in one of the statuses below:


NEW - Your order has been received, but we are awaiting payment.

PICK - Payment received and items to fulfil your order will soon be picked from our local warehouse stock.

PACK - Items have been picked and will soon be packaged up and dispatched.

NEW BACKORDER - Some, or all, of the items in your order are out of stock locally so need to be ordered in from our suppliers in the US. See notes above on our weekly importing schedule.

BACKORDER APPROVED - The items to fulfil your order are in transit from the US to our local warehouse. When the shipment arrives here your order status will change to PICK.


Real-time stock check

If you find our local warehouse out of stock, we recommend you check stock levels at because our 8-14 day lead time only applies if Parts Express has the items in stock.


Stay in touch

While we endeavour to keep our customers updated as much as possible in rare case of delays or supply interruptions, we invite you to contact us if you have any additional questions or you have not heard from us and your item has not arrived in the time specified.