Choosing test and measurement tools

If you're ready to start measuring, we've compiled this quick-start guide to measurement tools.


We have 3 calibrated microphones available:

1. iMM-6 - choose iMM-6 for use with an iphone.

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2. EMM-6 - chose EMM-6 if you want the most accurate measurements, the greatest flexibility, power and control over your tools.

This mic requires an audio interface with phantom power, which would seem like a downside to many but for serious use this is the best option. A high quality USB audio interface ensures the most accurate measurements and using XLR mic cable means using long cable is not a problem. If you are measuring a system that doesn't have analogue inputs, you can select an interface which has digital outputs. With this kind of setup you get the most accurate results, the maximum flexibility in terms of cable length and where you set up your equipment.

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3. UMM-6 - choose UMM-6 if you want a more affordable and simple measurement system.

UMM-6 plugs straight in to your laptop without the need for a USB interface. This is the quick and simple way to start taking measurements, but quickly you will realise that USB cables aren't very long and this can prove limiting and inconvenient. This kind of setup also relies on the audio output on the PC/laptop sound card being suitable, with a low noise floor and a flat and extended frequency response. Some laptop sound cards perform poorly in this regard and the routine sound card loop calibration used in programs like REW can't be used, since only the output is used. The mic here provides the input. This is where EMM-6 potentially provides more accurate results.

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Omnimic - a complete system

We also have another microphone bundled with software - Dayton Omnimic. This is a USB mic that avoids the issue with sound card outputs by using a test CD which is included. Software is included so that a complete measurement system is provided in one system. Omnimic is suitable for room acoustic measurements as well as measuring speakers. It also measures dispersion via directivity sonograms, a feature that is not included in free software programs like REW that many use.

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Impedance and Thiele Small Parameters

DATS (Dayton Audio Test System) is a very easy to use package for measuring driver impedance and TS parameters.


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