LSK The Loudspeaker Kit at the 2013 Australian Hifi show

Author: Paul Spencer  

LSK & Red Spade Audio shared a room with Weston Acoutics...

At the recent Hifi show, LSK & Red Spade Audio shared a room with Weston Acoutics.  Earle Weston builds valve pre, integrated and power amps.
HE2 on the right is an efficient speaker designed with these kinds of amps in mind. On the left, you can see the first appearnce of F47. This is a time aligned floorstander designed by SGR Audio, soon to be available as a kit.  
This photo was taken at the closing of the show. The rest of the time there were too many people in the room to take photos, and I was occupied much of the time with questions and talking with our visitors. 

An existing stock M4 on the left next to a new revamped M6 with new OEM drivers and a new crossover.

Cine series prototype (Cine 8.1):


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