About Us


What we do

High Fidelity sound should be able to be appreciated by all. LSK are an Australian business dedicated to providing excellent DIY speaker kits and great value audio components for stereo and home theatre enthusiasts. Typically, Hi-Fi products often command a ‘luxury’ price tag, but LSK bucks that trend by providing high quality solutions at a price anyone can afford.


Australia's DIY specialists

The original LSK, or “The Loudspeaker Kit” was designed and launched in the late 90s to great success. The first designs were the brainchild of a DIY enthusiast who knew that better sound could be achieved through clever component selection and design. By removing the assembly and finishing costs, and offering speakers in kit form to consumers, prices were kept low but sound quality was kept high.



LSK's original speaker kits were always a hit, but the current generation of kit's, launched in 2014, bring a whole new level of performance. Each kit has been overhauled and is better than ever!


The DIY alternative

It’s our passion to help people discover that DIY speakers give you the best bang for buck around. Our kits are designed to make DIY simple, even for beginners. LSK kits are supplied as flat packs that require gluing, assembly and finishing. 


More than just kits

We offer far more than just DIY kits. We also sell a great range of components ranging from ampifiers, drivers, cables, spikes and ports.

We are the Australian distributors for Dayton Audio and resellers for many popular loudspeaker driver brands such as Scan Speak and SB Acoustics.


Proudly Australian Made

Our LSK branded speaker kits are proudly made here in Australia. We prefer to use Australian suppliers wherever possible. Not only do we prefer to support local industry, we also believe that Aussies do it better!