Choosing the right driver

Author: Paul Spencer  

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This is our guide to drivers and we'll introduce them in groups.

Ultimax series

Dayton Ultimax subs are impressive. They feature a carbon fibre cone that is very tough and a "tallboy" surround that allows high excursion without reducing piston area with a very wide surround. These are well built drivers

Ultimax 10"
Cabinet recommendations: • Sealed 0.5 cubic ft. (net internal), f3 of 48 Hz with a 0.707 Qtc alignment • Vented 1.25 cubic ft. (net internal) tuned to 25 Hz with two 2" diameter by 20" long dual flared Precision Port tubes, f3 of 26 Hz

Ultimax 12"
Cabinet recommendations: • Sealed 2.0 cubic ft. (net internal), f3 of 36 Hz with a 0.715 Qtc alignment • Vented 3.0 cubic ft. (net internal) tuned to 22.5 Hz with two 3" diameter by 20" long dual flared Precision Port tubes, f3 of 22.5 Hz

Ultimax 15"
Cabinet recommendations: • Sealed 3.1 cubic ft. (net internal) with 1 lbs. of Acousta-Stuf polyfill, f3 of 35 Hz with a 0.707 Qtc alignment • Vented 6.0 cubic ft. (net internal, not including driver or port volume) with 6 lbs. of Acousta-Stuf tuned to 18 Hz with two 4" diameter by 26" long flared ports for an f3 of 22 Hz. Larger cabinets and lower tuning frequencies are possible. The largest recommended cabinet is 10.5 cubic feet tuned to 16 Hz using two 4" diameter ports that are 21" long for an f3 of 19 Hz.

Ultimax 18"
Cabinet recommendations: • Sealed 4 cubic ft.

Titanic series

The Titanic is a long proven series and has recently been improved further. Excursion is similar to the Ultimax series but what we like about these drivers is that the Qts is lower, meaning they tend to perform better in small sealed boxes where Ultimax require stuffing to lower their Q.

Reference series

Dayton Reference sub drivers have a little less excursion than Titanic and Ultimax drivers, however, they are our most versatile range, coming in sizes ranging from 8" to 18". The HO versions are designed for small boxes with car subs in mind. Their power handling is generally a little higher and their xmax slightly less. They are equally suited to home audio. The HF versions intended for home use, require larger boxes.

Some of the stand out performers include the 18" HO. If you've ever wanted an 18" sub, this is a good one to choose. Paired with our SPA1000 amplifier in a 100L sealed box, this is an excellent choice for music or home theatre.