SB Acoustics Rinjani Speaker Kit - SATIN WHITE [Black Ring Tweeter & Crossover with Black Woofer]

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Ultra-transparent and Dynamic Sound.
Dollar to Sound Quality/Perfomance is Unrivalled!

The Rinjani is a floor standing 2.5 way speaker kit based on the premium Satori Neodynium Mid-Woofers and your choice of either Ring-Dome Tweeter or the new Berillium Dome Tweeter. This project was designed by the Danish SB Acoustics engineering team to showcase Satori drivers that are capable of some of the best sounding traditional speaker systems available today.

The name Rinjani is derived from the volcanic mountain in Lombok, Indonesia. Its astonishing natural beauty with sweeping panoramic views inspired this design to deliver ultra transparent and dynamic sound reproduction.

This 2.5-way floor standing speaker kit utilizes top of the line Satori drivers and was engineered by the Danish SB engineering team. The gently faceted top corner shape is specially designed to reduce high frequency diffraction and yields superb imaging qualities. 7⁰ inclined baffle slope helps time align the drivers, allowing for a relatively simple crossover design that delivers impressive sound staging. The wedge shaped inner rear walls behind the midwoofers reduce reflections, while the inclined bottom diminishes standing waves. Dual rear ports distribute port resonance evenly and eliminate potential noise during high output use. The Rinjani is a kit in component form available separately with everything required to build a stereo pair of speakers. The cabinets are completely assembled and available in a premium high gloss finish or matte satin finish. The driver holes are precision cut for flush mounting of the Satori tweeters and woofers, all that is required is for you to install all the components into the cabinet.

Dual rear ports are built in, and the back is cut for the included terminal plate with binding posts. Internal damping material and driver mounting hardware is also included with the cabinets. The customer can choose between two SBA Satori tweeters; either the highly acclaimed ring-dome neodymium driver or the all-new Beryllium dome for those who want the no-compromise audio quality of today. The crossovers are pre-wired and terminated with slide on quick connects for the drivers. No soldering is required, and kit assembly can be completed quickly with a screwdriver. Assembly instructions are included. Genuine SB Acoustics kit.

Cabinets are assembled and painted finished and sold in pairs (order one to receive a pair) install speaker componets in cabinets and you ready to go!
Cabinets, with grilles, optimised to suit Ring Tweeter / 
Beryllium Tweeter models.
Modern European design facets on top of cabinet for reduced high frequency diffraction
Inclined baffle for correct time alignment of drivers (allowing for simpler cross-over design)
Wedge shaped inner rear walls behind midwoofers reduce direct reflection internally
Internal bracing to reduce and distribute cabinet vibrations and hence lower sound colouration
Dual ports tuned to 35Hz for distribution of unwanted pipe resonances
Inclined inner bottom for reduction of cabinet standing waves
Solid single-wiring binding posts (included with the cabinets)
1010x190x464mm 18.5Kg pair (22.5Kg leaden) 18mm MDF
4Ω 42Hz-25000Hz(±3dB) Sensitivity 89dB(2.83V/1m)
Recommended Amp 4Ω 50-200W for a maximum output up to 107dB

Using the renowned Satori Ring Tweeter TW29R-B for a flat response up to 25KHz. 

For those wanting the ultimate with the all new Satori Neodymium magnet Beryllium Dome Tweeters TW29BN-B for a flat frequency response up to 35KHz with high performance cross-over to suit.

Available in Black or White cone material made from Egyptian Papirus pulp. MW16P-8 

Technical specification :
Frequency range : 42-25000 Hz +/-3 dB
Sensitivity (2.83V / 1m) : 89 dB
Nominal impedance : 4Ω
Max SPL : 107 dB
Recommended amplifier : 50-200 W
Cross-over frequency : 3000 Hz
Speaker type : 2½-way Floor Stand
Enclosure type : Bass reflex
Port tuning frequency : 35.5 Hz
Drive Units: Options Include


Cabinet: 18 mm MDF
Dimensions (H x W x D) : 1009 x 190 x 464 mm
Net weight (pair):
- Cabinet only : 18.49 kg pair
- Full assembly : 22.42 kg pair




Ultra-transparent and dynamic sound. Sold in pairs (order one to receive a pair) Cabinets to suit advanced high-end drivers from the SBA Satori range (as supplied) Second mid-woofer is equalised for the baffle step to achieve better room intergration Facet details on top of cabinet for reduced high frequency diffraction and added styling Inclined baffle for correct time alignment of drivers (allowing for simpler cross-over design) Wedge shaped inner rear walls and internal bracing with dual rear ports Cabinets are assembled and painted finished. 1010x190x464

Brand SB Acoustics

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